Monday, May 29, 2006

No poop!

I'm sorry to disapoint some of you but I don't have a new poop story. And come to think of ikt no pee story either. Woo hoo it's been a good day. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to finish laundry this week. I have now finished the stuff I tried to finish a couple of weeks ago. All the peed on sheets and sheepys are done and clean. Now I have lots of QuinQuin's stuff. He has already worn 4 shirts today. Man that kid can puke. I keep finding it hidden. I wonder if he is trying to do that on purpose. Okay I'm not that stupid. It just seems to happen when I'm not looking and wham surprise I step in it. Not pleasant.
Today we went to Ethan's preschool graduation. It was so cute. We are thinking about sending Taylor to that preschool when the time comes. That is still a year and half away. I don't want to rush things. Our day hasn't been that exciting. Bedtime is fast approaching and then I think I might need a little something, somthing from DQ. Aagh, ice cream. So evil yet so good. Well the boy is calling for me. No not really. Anyway I hope I haven'y made too many mistakes in my spelling. If I have, I'm sorry Devin.



Joy & Darrin said...

Thanks for coming to the grad today. It meant a lot to us. I know it's only preschool but it's still an important day for Ethan. It is a great school. (they have a 3 year old class too in case you didn't know).
We'll chat soon.

Devo said...

It's not that I'm bugged by bad spelling like other people are. I don't like sloppy typing.

Evey said...

No POOP??? What is a Kirsten post without poop? I don't even know what to say;)

Hope you guys had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ok well then I've got a poop story...I had had about 5 cups of coffee that morning and when I got to the bathroom stall I could barely get my belt undone before...oh wait...guess it's not exactly the same coming from me eh?! Nevermind then!!


Tammy & Jeremy said...

Everyone deserves a nice ice cream cone from DQ! Splurge a little!

Chrissy & Brian said...

I've got a poop story for your Kirst... We got home from work yesterday and opened the front door and it smelt like Bear had some nasty gas all day, well as we got closer to the dogs room, the smell got worse, Bri let the dogs outside and then had to go out after them because he was gagging. One of them had been sick I guess and couldn't hold it. It was the nastiest thing ever, it was so bad that I thought it was puke at first, but nope, it was poop. Brian then ran all over the house spraying airfreshner and opening all the windows and turning on all of the fans. I hope he gets over this gagging thing by the time the baby comes because there is no way I am changing all of the diapers!
Anyway, the dogs were fine last night, so I am not sure what it was, I just hope it doesn't happen again today. It was so gross that I couldn't eat until about 3 hours later. NASTY.
Sorry if I grossed all of you out :)