Monday, May 15, 2006

Eww Gross Feet!

So for Mother's day I got a gift cert. to Eveline Charles for a pedicure. I guess it could be for whatever I want but it was suggested that I use it towards a pedi. I don't care as much for the mani's as I do the pedi's. Those words sound so funny. Hee!Hee! I know I'm a loser. I have to say it is a good suggestion. My feet are nasty. They are dry and cracking. So when I wear sandals my feet never look clean because all the dirt get stuck in the cracks. It will be so nice to have smooth, moisturized feet.

I heard the funniest thing today. I should start by saying the our backyard is not fenced and we back on to an alley. So anyway, I was in the backyard laying in the sun, in my bikini,(I don't know what I was thinking)when a bunch of 13 or 14 yeard old boys walked. One of the boys said, "Do you think that she is a MILF?" I'm not sure how to take that. They obviously didn't see the stretch marks and the waterbed belly. Yeah I don't know. Anyway it was nice to have a chance to relax by myself without being interupted. The weather is so awesome. One must take advantage of it. Tomorrow is Zoo day. It should be fun.

Time for me to Jet, as one of my fav. cousin/friend would say. Grey's Anatmoy is about to start. What will happen with Burke and the whole Meredith/McDreamy combo?


--Nathan-- said...

time to jet is the greatest line ever...and who ever this fav. cousin/friend is must be one swell guy not to mention how incredibly handsome he must be.

Evey said...

I hate feet. When I was in Esthetics school I cringed everytime I HAD to do a pedicure. If I lived in Calgary I would give you free pedicures just cause I wouldn't want you walking around with dirty feet. lol

Greys was good last night. I cried. However I was a little dissapointed with how predictable it was. Oh well, good regardless. So do you think Izzy is really done?

Miranda said...

Maybe I'll get a pedicure too seeing as I ca't see my feet anymore. Perhaps it will induce labour.

Tanya, Andrew, Jaymee said...

uhmmmm...nope no comment on that subject...cause any comment I could think of would for sure get me into trouble!!!!


Evey said...

Hey why is my link on the same line as "post secret". Am I not special enough to be on my own line:)

Kirst said...

I don't know why your link is on the same link as post secret. I am going to delete post secret so then you should have your own link.
Everyone is special on my blog.

Tanya, Andrew, Jaymee said...

Milf for girls...Dilf for boys?

Joy & Darrin said...

Nice posting, Kirst!
Now you might have to explain what that means to some people - and good luck with that.

They obviously didn't see your feet either ;-)