Friday, May 19, 2006

I love shopping!

So today was a shopping day. The kids needed clothes badly. Taylor especially. We haven't had to buy too many summer clothes because she is so small. She must have had somewhat of a growth spurt. She can still wear shorts she wore when she was 7 months old. The pair she wore yesterday was size 3-6 months. She will be 3 in September. It does pay to have short kids, sometimes. That was my day shopping and yet again laundry. I hate laundry it is never ending battle for me. I have a new goal to have it all done this weekend. Lets hope I make it. Taylor had another tantrum this evening. It is almost 10:30 pm and she is still awake. When I went to bed last night at 11:00 pm she was still wide awake. And she didn't even sleep in. Whats up with that. Anyway this is Chris's last weekend off for another month or so. Hopefully it will be a good one. Ciao for now!


Desiree said...

I love shopping too, but for my kids, I hate shopping for myself, it seems like there is nothing made to fit me properly. My son Walker is the same as your kid, he can wear size 3 mos shorts and he is two. He is tall but really skinny. How was the zoo? I was there the day after and it was hot! But it was still fun.

Evey said...

I love the zoo! How was your weekend? Did you guys do anyting fun? Did ya get all your laundry done?

Joy & Darrin said...

Um, excuse me. With whom did you shop and where was I?
(I didn't go with you, did I? You know I forget stuff all the time?)
Let's do a picnic today. I'll call you

Evey said...

lol at joy. "You know I forget stuff all the time"