Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What is up with that?

So I can't seem to figure out Taylor. For the last few nights, actually since Thursday night Taylor has still been awake at 11:00pm. And for the last 3 days she has peed in her bed at nap/quiet time. She is starting to tell us when she is wet so maybe she doesn't like how it feels so takes off her pull up. Oh well I will continue to do laundry. Maybe I will finish it this week.

Chris just called for me to come and listen to Taylor yelling out the window trying to hear her echo. She was counting. She got to 8. She is hiding all of this from us. The little turkey. My little girl is growing up.

We have decided to join to double stroller gang. I think it was obvious to some people that it was rough going out with the 2 kids and only one stroller. So we received one as a gift. Thank you. Even with the skateboard.

Today Quinten was trying to stand by pulling himself up on the furniture. He is always getting into everything. Taylor doesn't seem to like it. He wants to be everywhere she is and play with the same stuff. She will just have to learn to share. That is going to be a hard one for her. I need to post a new picture of The Boy.

For those of you out there that are becoming first time parents and hope to be the parent you can be, I have stroy for you. We all know how much Taylor loves her Sheepy and how it is a bunch of little pieces. Well during church on Sunday Chris noticed Quinten chewing on something and looked in his mouth and found a chunk of sheepy in the roof of his mouth. We don't let Taylor take her Sheepy out in out in public, normally, so it was in his mouth from the time we left for church. He probably had it in there for about 2 hours. Why do kids feel the need to put everything in their mouths. Then today I was nursing him and he started chewing. Let me tell you that isn't pleasant with a couple of chompers. Again I looked in his mouth and found a googly eye from one of Taylor's crafts. See they will find anything and everything to put in their mouths.

Anyway the day was good. Chris and Devin got all of the posts in for the fence. Next days off will be the panels. Thanks Dev for all of your help. Then we had Tuesday night dinner. Now the day is almost over time to clean up.

Later Gator!

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Joy & Darrin said...

You had a lot to share today. Let's go shopping soon with the new stroller. Taylor was always fairly good with Ethan so I didn't mind. You'll be glad though.
Yeah for the fench. Now we can shove the kids outside. Okay, maybe not shove - there isn't a deck yet!
Quinten will be walking in no time while Aidan will barely sit in a highchair even. Good times.