Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What a day!

I had a very productive day today. First we went to the zoo. We had a good time, weather was beautiful. We had to leave early because Taylor wasn't listening to us so we had to follow through with our punishment of leaving. When we got home the kids went for a nap and did some gardening. I thought I should get a start on weed control before it gets out of hand. Do a little, get a bit of a tan. I plan on being really smart this year with tanning. I normally go gungho and end up burning. I got a little bit pink but it wasn't for a lack of trying. I lathered up. Anyway when I was finished I found Taylor completely naked, in her room, and she had peed on the floor. At least it wasn't much. I think she gets really hot, like me, and doesn't know how else to cool off. At least that is the excuse I am using. The boys in her life already have that affect on her. She seems to take her clothes off lots in front of them. That will have to change as the years go on. We then had Tuesday night dinner. We missed it last week because nobody could come. I made chicken caesar salad. I had plans for a different meal but realized I didn't have all the ingredients for it and Chris was already gone to work. So that has been my day thus far. Not too exciting. Hopefully I will have better stories tomorrow. Peace Out!

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--Nathan-- said...

i miss tuesday night dinners... sigh. I probably dont say it enough but i really appriciate the meals and the good times at the Lobb household. oh, and i cant make it tonight either because i have practice again. Congrats on completing the 10km!!