Sunday, December 31, 2006

Another year come and gone

Wow I can't believe that 2006 will be over in a matter of hours. Where did the year go? It's been a great year and hopefully 2007 will be just as great. As promised here are some Christmas pictures and gingerbread house decorating pics too. Every year my mom makes gingerbread houses and we decorate them. My mom also invites different families every year and this year Steven, Susan, Joshua and Caleb came. A good time was had by all. Joshua and Taylor were so fun to watch. I think they ate more candy than was put on their houses. I love candy so I too ate a little as I was decorating. I'm such a kid. I hope that never ends.
And because we have been so busy with the Christmas season and hanging out with family I forgot to post yesterday. Happy Anniversary Sweets! (Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary) I love you and look forward to many more anniversaries with you. You're my best friend as well as the love of my life.
Now the pictures.
Taylor eating her Christmas morning meat. She calls it beef terkey. No J in jerkey according to her.
Quinten has already gotten into the chocolates.


Miranda said...

That is one beautiful gingerbread house! :)

The Aitkenheads said...

6 remember 6 years like it was 4 1/2 years ago!!!

Desiree said...

Happy Anniversary! That means that Haven's birthday is shared with your special day!

And the gingerbread houses look delicious!

GP Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary. Wow 6 years gone bye. Happy New Year!

Joy & Darrin said...

How did the Tickle Me Elmo go over?

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Wow - 6 years! Time flies!

I love the gingerbread house! Our roof caved in on ours...but it was still fun to do.

Evey said...

LOVE the gingerbread house. I usually make one every year but never got around to it this year.

Happy New year to you guys:)