Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm too young to shave

That is what Taylor told me after she tried shaving her legs yesterday. And yes it was with a real razor. We have them on shelves in the bathtub but she has started to climb on the ledge. Now we have to get something to hold the razors up high. And tonight while having supper she told she had to pee, yeah! so off she went. Well it didn't seem like she was gone a long time and we don't remember hearing the toilet flush but she flooded the toilet. She walked out with pants that were wet at the bottom. It looked like she had stepped in her potty. Nope there was water everywhere. In the bathroom, outside of the bathroom and in the laundry room. I didn't think we would reach this stage this soon. I guess she likes to use a lot of toilet paper. I wonder who she gets that from. Next it will be toothbrushes. Oh wait she has already done something like that. A few weeks ago she put Chris's toothbrush in her potty after she peed. Good thing I noticed it was wet and asked her about it. Could you imagine? Yuch! The tree is still not decorated because we want to do it with the kids and Taylor fell asleep during her timeout. Hopefully tomorrow. I'm like a little kid.
Well that's all folks!


Steve Jolliffe said...

"Taylor fell asleep during her timeout"


Either her timeout was too long or she can fall asleep on a dime.

Too much toilet papter? Is there such a thing? I like to go #2 at work because I can use as much tp as I want.

kristen said...

have you met her father steve? he falls asleep in about 2 seconds flat.

Lori said...

Steve forgets that Emma also falls alseep in her time outs sometimes. And he too falls asleep on a dime.

I highly encourage him to go #2 at work because he goes through the toilet paper like does Emma. Hmmmm I think there is a link there.

At least Taylor is making the attempt. She is interested...sort of.

How generous of you to wait for the kids to help decorate the tree. It's so much more fun with extra little hands, especially as they get older.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

What is it with men falling asleep so easily. I thought it was because Jeremy had to sleep through all of the noise on a submarine for so long in the navy but it appears that ALL men fall asleep quick and don't wake up to any unusual sounds.

PS. When I was 9 I wanted to be just like Dayna and Mom so I tried shaving my legs. My mom didn't catch me until I was working my way up my right ARM....haha!

Kris said...

One of my instructers said that ancient Spaniards used to bruch their teeth with urine. The fun facts on channel two say that Romans used to use it for mouthwash. My instructor said Romans used it to wash clothes and Spaniars used it to brush their teeth so I'm not sure who to believe. All I'm saying is if you hadn't noticed the wet tooth brush it wouldn't have been so bad, Chris' teeth may have been whiter than ever.