Thursday, December 21, 2006

Early morning shopping

So after a super rough night with Taylor, she just fell asleep, I decided that while I was awake I would check out the 24 hour Wal-mart experience. It was pretty good. Not really a line up, and didn't have to deal with cranky kids. Chris wanted to go at 3:00 am but I guess it didn't happen. I'm not sure I want to do it again but if I had to it is nice to have the option. Hopefully tonight is a better night. I have to get up early tomorrow to take down the Christmas decorations at work so that we can then head out to Edmonton early enough in the day. I think I might end up sleeping all the way up there. So that is my day so far. Should be interesting to see what else happens.
Peace out!


Lori said...

Sleep? In the car? With kids? Good luck. You must have special kids, cause mine need constant supervision back there.

K said...

Hopefully she'll have a good sleep this morning and another good sleep this would suck for you to have to deal with her being super cranky this evening.
I hope your day gets better!