Monday, December 11, 2006

Who knew Taylor was a ham!

Yesterday was the Christmas concert at church and the sunday school was featured in a small section. I thought for sure I was going to have a fight on my hands just trying to get her up on stage. Not the case. For one thing she insisted on taking her lady bug backpack up with her. She kept trying to take the microphone down and finally she didn't want to hold her backpack anymore so she thought it would be a good idea to hang it on the microphone. And she even did the actions and danced. I think a lot of people were surprised including Chris and I. I guess we have a little performer on our hands. Yesterday morning we had Chris's kids Christmas party. When will the kids stop being afraid of Santa. Both of mine freaked when it was their turn. Thank goodness Chris was there this year to deal with them. I tend to get a little bit embarrased when I don't know anybody and something like that happens. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to take them to Santa at the mall. I hope I don't have to sit with them. Taylor's first santa visit she freaked and we have a picture of her crying. Isn't that what makes the memories. I am trying to let go of things having to be perfect. For some reason I feel that pictures should be perfect. (Breath in, breath out.) So that is a recap of yesterday. Today babysat, got some baking done, worried about Taylor having a concussion, she took a pretty good fall straight back on the back of her head. She seems to be okay though. maybe I will have tomorrow.
Peace out!

Man I sure rambled. Sorry about that.


Lori said...

Sounds like Taylor and Oliver are made for each other. Her with the concusion him with the bleeding face. He was in time out and rammed himself into the door. When I found him he had cut his lip. Turkey! He is totally fine. We are not perfect.
You should see our Santa pics. Emma is practically running off of Santa's lap and Santa has a crooked moustache that flapped everytime he talked.
Imperfect pics make it easier to remember the moment. Otherwise we look at the statue in the picture with the frozen smile and we think "what was that day like?".
Good luck today at the mall. I'll be thinking of you.
Did you get Taylor on video at church? She sounds so cute performing like that. I can't imagine who she would get it from.

Char said...

Taylor was so cute. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She is such an entertainer. I love watching her when we're singing choruses too. She's just like her Nana. lol Then when she closed the door in my face after church I cracked up laughing. What a character.

kristen said... you not remember her performance at heartland? if that's not hamming it up, i don't know what is ;-)
though i guess that didn't involve getting up in front of strangers.