Friday, December 15, 2006

Santa, haircuts and baking

This week has been a full week. We saw Santa, both kids got hair cuts, got the shopping fully finished, and did some baking. Christmas cakes were done before but nanimo bars, rum balls, ginger snaps and now poppy seed rolls are done. Well the rolls are almost done. I'm sure they won't be as good as my mom's but hopefully they taste at least okay. Oh yeah I almost forgot. We got a new bed! YEAH! A chick that Chris works with had this bed that they only used a few times because they got a king size bed so they gave it to us. Now where to put the other bed? I'll let Chris deal with that. Hopefully tonight will be a better night for sleeping. I'll let you know. I will leave you with a few pictures. One of our Santa trip (please don't judge how not put together I look) and a picture of QuinQuin with his new big boy hair. Taylor's hair doesn't really look any different.


Lori said...

Kirsten you look adorable. Why would anyone think otherwise? I love the Santa pic, it's so cute.
A new bed? Heaven! Hope you sleep great tonight.
The baking sounds yummmmmmy. Drool.

Heather said...

Quinten's hair is ADORABLE! And the Santa pic is super cute too!

Miranda said...

What are you talking about? You look fine. It's the looks on Quintens face that I find funny :)
He looks a little freaked out! lol!
I am so wishing that we would get a new bed. Travis thinks we have to get a full 10 years out of our hard as a rock mattress. Only 2 and a half years to go. Sweet Dreams!

K said...

I think Santa might have creeped me out too...look at him closely...creeeeepy. No wonder Quinten is holding on for dear life.

Chrissy & Brian said...

I love his hair cut, he looks like such a little man!