Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Change that

I sat down to write a post about how I probably won't be winning Mom of the year. And then I saw Spencie walk out with no diaper on. Upon investigation as to where the diaper could be, I was greated with a stinky gross mess. Oh snap. I thought we had gotten past this poop playing fetish. Luckly it was smeared in one area and not all over the room. And thankfully we carry a good stock of Bissell carpet cleaner. So after a bath, re-diapering, supper, soccer, baking cupcakes, I can now finish with what I was going to originally post.

We watched America's Got Talent last night and one of the acts had a guy shoving a metal hook either through his nose to his mouth or vice versa. And then using a drill in his nose. My mom of the year moment is that I let the kids watch this. Taylor was quite disgusted by it but Quinks thought it was pretty cool. Even with Unkie trying to cover his eyes he managed to see what all the fuss was about. I let them both know not to try any of that stuff. Next thing I hear is some gagging and there is Quinks trying to shove the hook part of a hanger down his throat. Note to self hide the drill. Just goes to show that kids are very impressionable.

Note: Tomorrow is the last day of school. Bring on the kleenex.

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k said...

oh man...that is a little bit funny...and only because he didn't hurt himself.