Monday, June 29, 2009

Pigs must be flying

I have no baskets of laundry sitting in my living room. I do have stuff in the washer and dryer but I am caught up so far. And the house is totally tidy. Woohoo! No yelling Mommy today baby.
It could help that I've had a few cups of coffee today. Love Tim Hortons' grounds. So much cheaper than what I was buying. And it could be the sugar rush from the freezie's I've eaten. Okay so I haven't eaten very well today. Don't we all have those days?

Speaking of eating I tried a new recipe last night. I love trying new things. Chicken bacon peach kabobs. So good. Isn't everything with bacon good though? Definately a keeper recipe.

Any plans for Canada Day? No plans here yet but Chris has the day off. Bring on the offers. lol. Pop us a comment with your Canada Day plans.

Anyone know how to get in on review products?


Heather said...

My canada day plans involve waking up at 4 and going to work, flying everywhere and ending up in Winnipeg. Awesome.
Good job on no laundry and clean house! I wish mine was clean... and I don't have kids as an excuse!

k said...

Mine involve running a race, recovering, and going to BBQs. Oh, and remembering not to stay up too late because I have to work the next day...

k said...

(and i don't know what you mean by "get in on review products" or i'd try to answer your question)

Anonymous said...

Mine involve driving to Calgary. Remind me to check out the bikes in the sheds. Message me on Facebook.

Char J