Friday, June 26, 2009

Schools out for summer

It's done, finished, caput. I made it through the day with a few tears but not too bad. I'm going to miss those daily walks with the Mom's. I won't miss the getting up early but having my dose of adult conversation. Thanks ladies for the good times. We'll need to find a meeting place next year to continue those walks and talks.
To finish off the day we went to the lake. It was a tad bit windy so we didn't stay too long. Just long enough to lose one kid, no not mine, although I did say a few times where is Spencer. I could at least see him at the end of the beach. Cindy I can't believe how calm you were. Jett was found safe and sound playing at the park. Then home to have a special Father's Day bbqfor my Dad. My mom even got on the tramp. Maybe next time we'll get her doing flips. :)
And now I sit here with 2 sleeping kids and one, who some how got out of his room this morning. Doesn't he know it's summer holidays? And how did he get out? The other 2 weren't tall enough to open doors till they were over 2. Time to break out the toddler door knobs again.
Anyway maybe I'll go get something done so my house doesn't look like I have 3 kids.
Happy Friday to all and safe travels to everyone going away.

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