Sunday, June 21, 2009


Okay so first I would like to say a big Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there. I'm especially thankful for a wonderful, loving, caring , funny(even if they are groaner's) etc, Dad. I would say I'm a Daddy's little girl, the perks of being the only daughter. I love you Dad. And of course I'm thankful for the best Dad for my kids. What a great Dad Chris is. He doesn't always get to be around for all the fun but he does make an extra effort to show up even if it is only for a second. I love seeing how excited the kids get when they know Chris has a day off or when he gets home. I'm getting choked up thinking about it. I know, shocker. I love you Sweets and wouldn't trade you for anything. I could go on and on but seriously I'm sure we all feel the same way about our husbands so you get the picture.
I think sometimes I take Chris for granted and say it's always Dad's day, but they do the things Mom's don't and so they deserve to be recognized for it. Have a great Day Dad's!

Secondly I figured out my adobe issues all by myself. It feels so good to problem solve without having to call someone. Like I said in my previous post I was a wee bit frustrated which I think turned into a bigger frustration,. But now it's all good. High fives all around? Yeah I'm a geek I know.

Anyway, my bro Jordan is coming to visit on Tuesday. The kids will tell anyone and everyone, who will listen, that their Unkie Jordan is coming to visit. Get ready Jordan for a lot of kid time. I'm not sure they will want to miss a day with you. They already have plans for him to watch soccer, come to the lake, jump on the tramp and who knows what else. I'm excited as well but I keep my excitement to myself somewhat. Hopefully the deck will be finished so we can have some family time just relaxing, when he's not playing.

While I'm on the deck subject I want to say thanks to Chris for using his free time to build the deck. Home Depot and the Lumber King are our friends.

Soccer finished for Quinks yesterday, Pictures and a post to come later.


k said...

i wish i was coming too :(

Miranda said...

Sorry we didn't get a chance to stop in. We stayed pretty much on the North end of the city. Maybe next time though. And if you are in Edmonton, feel free to come here for a visit. :)