Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good to be back

Our computer has been giving us some problems for the last couple of weeks, therefore no blogging. It's weird how much I really rely on having a computer. It seems as though everything is done using a computer. Now the only problem we are having is we can't access our old emails that were saved for us. If anyone has a clue please fill us in.

I started back to running this week. My knee felt a bit sore but it felt so good to get out a run. Wow I was pretty crabby for 2 weeks. No computer, no running. Good thing I still had coffee.
So now I can say I'm into the swing of this training schedule. The next race is the Harvest Half. I'll cross my fingers now that my IT band heals nicely.

We got the trailer out this past weekend. I love camping. I don't like the bugs but the fires, the sleeping in the tent trailer all good. The one thing I have a hard time doing whilst camping, is just sitting back a relaxing. Maybe it's a Mom thing. I know Chris has no problem with it.

I've got pictures to post but for now this is what I've got. So much catching up to do.

Before I go please send me your email addresses. When everything got switched over to the new hard drive our addresses were lost, or I can't access them. Thanks!

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Fred said...

Welcome back! And...hurray for camping - it's that season again!