Thursday, June 05, 2008

lawn mowing

Who mows the grass at your house?

I mowed today and because of all the rain I think it might have been longer than last weeks mowing. We cannot let it get that long again. It's going to have to be a twice a week job. I knew that our yard was bigger than our last house but seriously, it felt like I was mowing forever. I might be exaggerating a bit.

Now back to the packing.


Karri said...

I'm impressed!

K said...

You could always get one of those old fashioned mowers and call it strength training. Think of how good your arms, chest and back would look!!!

Regardless, I think it counts as cross-training. (though running after 3 kids probably counts as cross training too)

Heather said...

My mum had a little push non-electric mower, and I thought it was SO cool so I mowed the lawn once. After about three minutes, I realized how hard it was and I wanted to stop, but my mum said that since I started, I had to finish. It was impossible. I think it took three hours. Her yard is quite big, but not three hours big.

Fred said...

My neighbour cuts his grass every third day! His yard looks like the golf course.