Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trading 4 for 2

A bit ago Taylor decided she didn't want training wheels. Off they came but with our crazy weather she hasn't had much time to practice. Today she officially became a 2 wheelin' 4 year old. We're both so proud of her.
And yesterday at soccer she took the ball away from the other team. That is huge. She doesn't really get in there because she doesn't want to take the ball from anybody. Gotta love that. So those of you who have seen her play soccer know how big of a deal this was. You should have seen the huge and I mean huge smile she had on her face. Could make a mother cry. Okay so I did. I'm so proud of my girl. I'll post some pictures later.


liz said...

If I recall correctly, my parents did not believe in training wheels when I was learning to ride a two-wheeler. Which is why my learning to ride a bike is among my more vivid and traumatic memories of my youth.

However, by the time my younger sister came along, my parents had revised their beliefs, and (like any normal kid) she was allowed to start with training wheels.

BethJoy said...

Way to go Big Girl Taylor. Those are some big advances. It is emotional watching them grow up!!