Monday, June 23, 2008

Rockband is Awesome

I truly suck at it. I'm not a natural like Chris. Dani ordered us a set/copy, not sure what to call it, for our wii. It's a lot of fun. Practicing is in order.

Today I'm off to do the dreaded bathing suit shopping once again. Wish me luck. This post baby body is proving to be hard to cover up the right way, so I feel comfortable and not an old lady.


Miranda said...

I love Rockband too. Drums are my favorite.

Karri said...

Your post baby body is ready to run a 10k? I think it's looking pretty good!!!

Kirst said...

Yeah I ran a 10k and will be running a half marathon in a couple of weeks but that doesn't mean that this body is necessarily ready for the beach. I hate bathing suit shopping. Bathing suits do not hide anything.
I do appreciate the compliment. Thanks Karri

K said...

As I said before, I think we all hate bathing suit shopping. The lighting, the white white skin that hasn't seen the light of day in a year, the other people in the change room area, the fact that the one you tried on is a little more revealing than you thought it was (and thus perhaps should have seen an esthetician beforehand) to guys have it easy.
You may not like the looks of every part of your body, but when you look at your wobbly bits, just think about everything that your body can do. You had a baby 9 months ago and those muscles and tendons and skin (well, maybe the skin may have let you down a little, but it is trying as hard as it can) have bounced back to let you run a half marathon. And you'll get that done before most people get up and head down to the grounds for their footlongs and mini donuts. (and you'll have earned those mini donuts, so go for it)

Kirst said...

THanks Kristen. I needed that after a day like yesterday. I wasn't feeling too great about the ol' bod. You always know how to make someone feel better. Thanks for the encouragment.

mmmmm mini donuts!