Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spoke too Soon

In my last post about poop I mentioned that we hadn't had any trouble with Quinten. That all changed the other day. It was all over the floor, the mattress (which he had peed on earlier so everything was off the mattress). Let me say gross! Then today we were at Wal-Mart Quinten was sitting on the handle/canopy part of the stroller. Next thing I know Taylor is freaking out about having poop on her arm. Quinten had a big time mess. It was coming out of everywhere it seemed. All over him, all over the stroller and a bit on Taylor. And of course I had left the diaper bag at home. Wipes, pull-ups and disposable change pads were added to the purchase. There Quinten was being changed on the tail gate where everyone could see. Poor kid.
So it was an interesting night. Did anything interesting happen to any of you? I'd like to hear some interesting stories.


K said...

Nothing as interesting as that to report...sorry.

Karri said...

Poor kids! AND poor Mommy! Sarah had a poop explosion one day at the mall, but my Mom was with me and She just leaked down her pants, not nearly as exciting as your experience!

Heather said...

oh that's gross. Sorry, but that's pretty gross.

Sketti said...

ewwww! I'm tempted to say that dogs are easier to care for than kids! We never have that kind of trouble with Moose...and he has all sorts of Poop problems...but he either waits till we take him for a walk...or if he's desperate he'll go in the back yard...and if he's really desperate...the bathroom floor...which happens (twice only) but how great that our dog knows to go in the bathroom!