Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cheerios & Poop

Nope not cherrios and poop together. It started with me having a really crappy sleep last night. Jimmy crazy legs decided to make an apperance. So therefore I was really tired today. I was dozing on the couch and woke up to find Taylor nowhere in sight. I found her in our bedroom with Cherrios all over the floor and bed. To top it all off it was the end of the bag so all the cereal dust was on our duvet. Then as Heather and I were going for slurpees tonight, I told Chris that QuinQuin had pooped. He obviously didn't hear me because I found him in the jumperoo with poop leaking out of his shorts onto the jumperoo. Of course I was the one to clean it up. At least it wasn't all over the floor this time. We didn't do much today. Too tired and hot.


Desiree said...

It's funny how men never "hear" you when you tell them that your kid has pooped. It's a wonder how my kids' butts are still intact as they have been known to sit in it for a while since someone didn't know that they pooped!

Chrissy & Brian said...

Weather forcast for Penticton for July 9th... 36 degrees! WOO HOO!!!!

Great poop stories! No worries, you'll be able to use our tub to clean the boy off! Or better yet, we'll just go for a swim! (I know, that is nasty!)

Joy & Darrin said...

Oh, Kirsten knows all about swimming with kids and poopy diapers.
1 quick way to shut down the pool and hot tub at the YMCA!!
Good times, good times.

Chris is gettin' off too easy.
(That sounds bad)
I mean, he needs to clean up.