Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fenced in!

Yeah we finally have a fence. It isn't quite finished. Chris will put the gates in on his next days off. It now looks like we have an actual yard. Hopefully it will keep the garbage out and most of the weeds from our neighbours yard. They have no grass, only a weed yard. Thanks Devin for helping Chris out. It was nice of you to use your days off to help us out. So thanks again, and again, and again.

I thought I should clarify. I'm not sure if it came across that I put Quinten in the big part of the cart or what. I had him in the front part designed for kids to sit in. So I'm really not sure what those ladies were talking about. I know I'm not a bad mother even if I joke about it.

Last night I went over to Joy's to pick up my Epicure stuff. It was so exciting. I know what you're thinking. Spices, you're excited about spices? Yep. Think of all the stuff I can make.

Anyway before I bid you farwell for the day, I would like to send out a thank you to Nathan for teaching Taylor to point and laugh at me. ( This is when we need something for sarcasm). It is greatly apprectiated. Ha!

Have a wonderful warm day. Maybe I will have to take advantage of my newly fenced in yard later on.


Dayna said...

I don't think it came across that Quinten was in the big part - I just mentioned that I did that with Gabrielle. And I think Beth was just responding to that. We all read ya loud and clear!

Did you get a chance to look at Gabrielle's pictures?

Tanya, Andrew, Jaymee said...

Glad to hear you have a fence now. I am having a pampered chef party on Friday the 10th of June, if you are interested in coming. I sent an email to you, but not sure how often you check it. Let me know if you can come

Talk to you later

K said...

did you put up a privacy tent too? ;-)

Tanya, Andrew, Jaymee said...

This is great, finally a place I can suntan "au natural"!!!

With the chain link fence and the play park behind the house I could never do it at home. I'll be over after work tomorrow...yeah, I'm so excited!!!

Thanks for the fence Chris.


BethJoy said...

Yeh I knew you put Quinton in the kid seat, and those ladies really had no business telling you off, it is designed for kids, it's not like he is 2 weeks old and can't hold his head up, now that might be stupid. But Quinton is what, almost 9 months old!!
I just wanted to share about the big section in carts because it's not like parents are drag racing their kids with them in there, as long as the parents are being responsible and not letting their kids hang over the edge so the cart tips then let them be in charge of their own child.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

I love Epicure too. I was excited to get my spices last time I was at a party. I don't think they have them down here though. We are invited to a pampered chef party next week so maybe that will be my torture to buy something.


Joy & Darrin said...

I'm eating popcorn with my Maple topping on it right now! Yummy!

Again, I am looking forward to punting the kids out in the yard, but not if Andrew's there sun-bathing!!

See you later for a little Settlers??

Tanya, Andrew, Jaymee said...

ouch..that hurts!!!


Kirst said...

No privacy tents, yet. I think when we put the deck in though, Chris is going to build a lattice. That will give at least a little bit of privacy. I can't seem to get away from nosy people.