Monday, June 12, 2006

I ripped my pants

So the had for there I was bouncing in the bouncer, at Noah's Birthday party, and I ripped my pants. I was finally able to fit into these cords that I haven't been able to wear for a very long time. They were old. Missing buttons and fading in the butt. What do I decide to do, a scissor kick. Rip! Oh well at least the guys had a little fun making fun of me. Are you wearing underwear was one of the comments I heard. Oh well if you can't laugh at your friends who can you laugh at. I'm used to being laughed at.

Today I had some errands to do and Taylor was soooo good for me. Things have been very calm around here for the last couple of days. It has been great. No yelling, tantrums, still a bit of whining but what almost 3 year old doesn't whine.

I had QuinQuin weighed and measured today. HE is 16 lbs 10 oz. and 26 " long. Okay 26" short. lol!!!! He is only 1 ounce heavier than Taylor when she was 8 months old. I have such small kids. Does that mean they will be the kid who gets picked on? I hope not. I think The Boy is destined to be shorter than his sister. I just a feeling that's all. Who knows, only time will tell.

I had one last coffee with Joy before she leaves to visit her family. I am really going to miss her. She will be gone for 6 weeks.

Well I had better Jet before blogger kicks me off. It is giving me some kind of warning and I don't want to lose my post. Later!


Tammy & Jeremy said...

Your kids look healthy so I wouldn't worry about the stats. We are expecting the same with our baby. Both of us were short and skinny growing up so our kids will probably be so too. We don't expect to have a basketball player that's for sure!

Joy & Darrin said...

that rip was funny - especially 'cause we could all see your 'granny pannies'!

I'll totally miss you too. I was so sad last night thinking about all my friends. 6.5 weeks is a long time when you see and or talk to each other every day. I'll call

At least I won't miss your kids growing "up". Tee Hee Hee

Desiree said...

My son was always small, not really short,average, but was very skinny. So my daughter looks huge compared to him as a baby and we think she is going to be huge compared to him when they are older, but maybe not. And maybe your son will be shorter but maybe he will be tough too. And I am still laughing about you ripping your pants, sorry!

--Nathan-- said...

good zinger Joy, and kirsten what were you thinking trying the dreaded "scissor kick" the only thing that could have made the event more embarrassing for yourself is if you hurt yourself in the process.

The Aitkenheads said...

Jaymee's favorite SpongeBob Squarepants episode used to be "Ripped Pants". She used to sing the song he sings about ripping his pants...I'll bring it over one day!!!


RainbowBrite said...

Your kids are to adorable to be picked on. Taylor is going to be a heart breaker.

It is so awesome that you can take an embarassing moment in stride because I would have totally cried if I would have torn my pants :(

Joy & Darrin said...

new post please!

--Nathan-- said...

seriously Kirst, you're totally slacking on the post department... what are you doing??? Parenting?! pfft

revswife said...

You wear granny panties? Eww! Panties panties panties. I know how much you love that word.
I have small kids too. I saw a girl at the mall the other day who looked the same age as Emma and was actually two years younger.
Oliver weighs the same as Steve did when Steve was a year old.
Everyone is different. Your kids look normal to me. I think everyone else has giant kids.

GP Jenn said...

Wow kirstin you may think your kids are small, but I think I have a monster. Grayson is only 6 weeks and probably weights 15 lbs. I'll find out forsure on monday at the dr's. I would of loved to have been there to see how funny the rip was. at least you fit into them.