Thursday, June 01, 2006

Messy Man!

I think we have messy kid #2. He is just as messy as Taylor. Some siblings can be so different, but so far both my kids are pretty similar. Does that mean he is going to want to take his clothes off constantly? I think I know why Taylor is always taking her shirt off. She is hot. Today she looked like she was burnt but she wasn't. Just super hot. Poor kid, she gets that from me. And Quinten is a pretty sweaty kid already too. Oh the future they have. They will be heat nazi's. Even in the winter I get really hot. Chris always wants to turn the heat up, I tell him to go put a sweater on.

Taylor and I played out in our newly fenced in yard. We don't really have anything back there to play with so she got bored of kicking the ball pretty quick. I think she was just excited to go and run around back there. We have no plans to put up our own tent city but I think a type of lattice will be erected to block out the neighbours a bit. I hate to say that, but sometimes you want a little bit of privacy. Plus they are always looking in our yard.

The day was good. Nice and hot. And I think the night light idea is working. She was asleep pretty quick tonight and hasn't gotten up yet. Or it could be that she is really tired. Times up for me. Till I write again.



Joy & Darrin said...

I'm guessing this isn't advertising for a future girlfriend and boyfriend. "Messy, and sweats a lot. Gets bored easily and sleeps with a light."

But man, they are cute!

--Nathan-- said...

i dont know but "constantly takes her clothes off" probably catches some guys attention when looking for a girl

at what age does it become unacceptable? because i know that sometimes i feel like strutting around without a shirt.

The Aitkenheads said...

Well I think once I get out there you won't have to worry about your neighbors being nosy anymore!!! You just might get a visit from the cops...oh wait...Chris can take care of that!!!


Miranda said...

You should get Taylor a sandbox...then she'll get really messy! It's nice to have a yard to play in. At our old place we had no yard at all and now we are so lucky to have a nice big yard.

Tammy & Jeremy said...

I agree about the fence. Neighbors can be too nosey for their own good. We have a fence on both sides of our house but we don't on the back because it opens up into a big hay field. We have grape vines growing along the back so it is a gorgeous view. However, we may need to put a fence up when baby gets old enough to play outside. Perhaps half a fence would work and then we could still keep the view. It's a long time yet.
Cute picture of Quinten!