Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ice Cream

Jordan and Kristen went to Ben & Jerry's in Vermont and brought back the little monsters some souviners. Here are pictures for you guys( Unkie Jordan and Unkie Kristen) Taylor doesn't seem to want to call Kristen Auntie.
And another picture of The Boy caged in. he is loving to stand and I think will walk before I am ready.


Tanya, Andrew, Jaymee said...

wow...with a cop for a dad, I hope he doesn't get too used to that view!!!!


fuzzy wuzzy said...

This is a belated comment, seeing as I haven't kept up with the blogs over the last week. I was enraged to think that some nosy women were talking to my daughter like that. How dare they!!(You never get over the protective part of being a Mom). I remember taking you kids to the water slide in Med Hat when you all were quite small, and making Jordan go down the slide with me. He was screaming and grabbing the rails not wanting to go, but I was taking him, cause you know it was to make him stronger or something like that. Anyway this lady in line said "Why are you making him go down the slide?" in a very accusatory (is that a word?) way. I didn't have an answer for her but it sure made me feel like a lousy parent for making him go. So I know the feelings, but you are a great Mom and a great daughter, so you see kids turn out good inspite of ourselves. I love you.

K said... skin off my back if she doesn't want to call me auntie ;-)

Dee said...

I think Unkie Kristen is really cute!