Sunday, June 04, 2006

Potty Dance

Well we had another successful potty experience. Taylor wanted to go all by her self, then came running to tell me she had peed. When I got to the potty she should me what she had done and started playing, yes, with her pee. Well we got her cleaned up, the floor cleaned up, and her clothes changed. Then came the potty dance and treats. Hopefully she will start using it more often. She is always telling me, "I peed mommy or I pooped mommy". Just a little warning before it happens would be nice. Yeah Taylor! I am so proud of you. Hopefully it will continue tomorrow.

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Glenda C. said...

Well at least she's not like my sister. My mother told me that when she was learning to use the potty, she would tip it over on her head after she used it!

I can't wait for Gabrielle to start potty training. We always applaude her when she accomplishes something new, or even tries. She loves the praise and we love to give it.