Friday, June 16, 2006

What's in poop?

I'm not sure if you've ever wondered that. I can say I know what is in Quinten's poop. Let me start off by saying he puts a lot of stuff in his mouth. I have found bits of Taylor's sheepy in his poop before and a piece of the quilt my mom made him in there as well. And the odd piece of thread here and there. Today I noticed a bunch of thread and an ant sticker. No wonder he has been grunting lots lately. Try passing that. Poor kid. Sorry if I've offended anyone. I just thought it was interesting. Kids will eat the wierdest things.

Bathing suit shopping was no a success today. We are going to try next week and go to a swimwear shop. As long as I have something by the time I go on holidays I will be happy.

Tonight I went to a jewlery/bag party at my Aunt's house. My cousin and his wife teach in China and she makes her own bags and brought jewlery to sell. It was fun. It was nice just getting together with everybody. Thanks Jenn and Auntie Beth I had a good time.

So that was our day in a nutshell. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings. lol


Joy & Darrin said...

thanks for sharing.

still no luck finding that one suit you liked??

I'm still wearing my maternity bathing suit!

miss you still.

Heather & Lowell said...

Kirst, did I ever tell you how much i love your stories?! And keep talking about your kids! being way over in BC I don't know much of what's going on anymore, so this blogger thing is nice

Desiree said...

Funny the stuff you find in there. I hate bathing suit shopping! Nothing ever fits when you aren't comfortable with yourself. I wouldn't even care about the little bit extra around the mid-section, it's not actually bad, but I can't bring myself to show off my stretch marks, and not that my kids weren't totally worth it but they aren't very pretty.