Thursday, October 19, 2006

Poop, Puke and lots of laundry

So after one good day we are back to the puke and poop. Once again Quinten puked in his bed and fell back asleep. This time he didn't wake up till 8:30am. Bathed him, cleaned his sheets. Found out he had diarreha to top it off. Put him back to bed and again diarreha but this time leaked in his bed. Change another set of sheets and outfits. We are on outfit #3 for him. Then Taylor came over to me with down her leg and on her pj bottoms. I thought she had leaked but later I found a little surprise. Showered her off, new clothes, wash more stuff. That was at 11:00am. It is now 3:00pm. I found a little log of poop in amongst the toys and a smear on the carpet. Don't worry, everything has been sanatized. How do I get so lucky. Well hopefully it gets better.
I'll keep you updated.


K said...


--Nathan-- said...

yeah, when do you move? thats the only way i'll know that your house is clean.. at least for a little while.

GP Jenn said...

I feel so sorry for you thats a lot of work. I hope they get better soon.