Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Today was a day full of shopping. First I went to Safeway for 10% Tuesday. My cart was so full. I haven't paid that much for groceries, other than Costco, for a long time. Then home to unload, with the help of Taylor. She lined up all the non fridge or freezer stuff. Then it was off to pick our appliances. I can't wait to have our new house. We picked stainless steel. I didn't get my side by side with water and ice, fridge. They are super duper expensive. I love crushed ice so it was hard to not get that kind of fridge. We did get a freezer on the bottom type. Front loading washer, and I think this is Chris's favorite, the gas stove. It is pretty nice. Microwave that goes above the stove. And a plain old dishwasher, nothing special. Now that I've bored everyone. Then it was off to Toy's R Us to get Quinten a birthday present. I could have spent a ton of money. He will have lots of birthday's to buy stuff for. Unfortunately he might have to get shoes now that he is a walking machine. J&K come home in 2 days. Actually less than 2 days. I'm not sure if they know but I am extremely excited to see them.
Well it has been a busy day and I need to take a break. I don't think I've sat down except to sit in the car. I will write more tomorrow. Tomorrow is baking day. Pies and cake.
Peace out!


Hez said...

Thanks for dinner Kirsten. I LOVED the chili and jonny cake, even though I don't think it is quite in tune with the whole cleanse thing. But yeah, thanks!

Joy & Darrin said...

Congratulations on the new appliances! Nice choices. I love the bottom freezer.
If you need help baking, you know where I am. Keep in mind that I totally screw up pre-made Pilsbury cookies (that's why the Christmas ones from 2004 are still in the fridge!)
Have fun.

Chrissy & Brian said...

Have fun baking today! Thanks again for calling on Monday. It was so nice to chat. I miss that!

Heather & Lowell said...

Hey what's your e-mail (squirt one doesn't work) - I wrote you & don't know where to send it!