Thursday, October 26, 2006

No puke or poop

So I think we're done with being sick. Although Chris hasn't got whatever the kids and I had. Cross my fingers he doesn't get it. I woke up this morning and was feeling great.
My mom had her pacemake put in today. She is doing well and hopefully will be discharged tomorrow. She is thankful for everybody's thoughts and prayers. I would like to thank everybody for being so caring.
On the way to the hospital tonight, my Dad and I saw a dodge truck. He said it must be a cowboy truck. I wasn't getting what he was saying. I didn't see any cowboy hats or anything else cowboyish. Underneath at the back of the truck was a metal scrotum hanging just so. I have never seen that before. I couldn't stop laughing. I said that is blog worthy for sure. Sorry if anybody finds that offensive.
Tomorrow is haircut day for The Boy. I'm a little sad to cut it. I'm not really sure why. It needs to be done though. At times his hair looks girly. And we can't have that. I will have pictures tomorrow. I hope it doesn't make him look to grown up. He is after all my baby.
Anyway. I have nothingh more to post. Till tomorrow.
Peace out!


liz said...

Have you seen any of the celebrity children lately - long hair is all the range for boys - check out Kate Hudson's son Ryder - he totally looks like a girl! On second thought, maybe that's all the more reason to give him a haircut. And I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing well.

GP Jenn said...

I saw the same thing hanging from a truck here. It caught me by surprize, but it was funny. I'm glad your mom got in today. I still can't believe it. I hope she recovers fast.

kristen said...

Hopefully she does get discharged today and can finally sleep in her own bed! (and not have to share a room with other people)
Say hello to her for us...

Sue K said...

Hi Kirst!

I'm am so happy to hear that you're mom is doing well. She has been in my thoughts and prayers all week.
As for the truck thing...Jeff and I saw a plastic version hanging from the back of a pick-up last weekend and it was swaying back and forth all the way down the street. I could not stop laughing~
Waht will people think of next??
Also, glad to hear the famil is feeling better. Where did this "bug" come from? It seems everybody is getting it...everywhere!
I hope you all stay healthy for a while now.
Have a great weekend!

Desiree said...

Weird! I have never seen that on a truck, but I am coming to Calgary so maybe it will cross my path. Glad to hear your mom is doing well, I hope her recovery continues to do well. As for the haircut thing, is it his first? I had it in my mind that I had to wait until my son was at least 1 before I would cut his hair. It was getting kind of long but I too was a little sad about doing it. After I did it he looked more grown up but he also looked more like a boy and not so shaggy! Hope it all goes well for you.