Friday, October 06, 2006

QuinQuin's First of 2 parties

So today was a crazy busy day. First I met Joy at 6:30 am. Yes am people. I haven't gotten up for that time for a very long time. We had to pick up the halloween decorations and then back to the office to decorate till 3:00pm. Then off home I went to tidy up for Quinten's family and some friends party. His kid party is on Sat. Oct. 14th. He hasn't been feeling well so he was a tad bit cranky. He still managed to eat a very large piece of cake. It was nice to spend the evening with family and friends that I haven't seen in awhile.

Quinten eating a full piece of pizza.

Quinten starting to eat his cake. He got pretty messy but not as messy as Taylor, for her 1st birthday. She tried eating the plate and had cake everywhere. All over her face, clothes and hair. Luckyly we were outside. No such luck for Quinten. He made quite the mess on him and the floor. Most of him eating his cake is on video. We gave him a huge piece. Most adults don't eat that big of a piece. He barely wasted any of it. That's my boy. I can't believe he will be 1 year old on Thursday. Where has the year gone? Hopefully next weekend he won't be as cranky.

I couldn't post pictures of Quinten and not Taylor. Here she is jumping. That a picture of me jumping mommy is what she said. So here it is. She is concentrating so hard.

Tomorrow is the pumpkin hunt. Will update after.

Later. Peace Out!

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