Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Car names

We were out this morning, as a family, driving around. Chris out of the blue asked if I remember what all our car names were. I don't know if anybody else out there names there cars but we do. We've had 4 cars each with their own unique name. Our first car was a blue buick centruy named blue shamoo. Number 2 car was a grey plymouth reliant called sharky. Third was a red toyota paseo that went by the name cherry bomb. And our truck we have now is a black nissan pathfinder that goes by black stallion. I know you all probably think we are weird. At least we are weird together. So I made QuinQuin's cakes today. I had to make a double batch of the chocolate cake. I'm making a monkey cake so it requires a lot of layers. As I was in the middle of making the second batch my mixer died on me. I could tell it was falling apart and probably wouldn't last much longer but I thought I would at least get through making the cakes. Let me tell you, using a mixer is way easier than using a whisk. So tomorrow I will have to go do some more shopping. I love to shop so it isn't a problem.
We went shopping for shoes for The Boy today and left with shoes for Chris. I'm having a hard time finding shoes for Quinten that I like. Although there isn't a lot for boys out there. I know that I am picky so the search will continue.'
Tomorrow Jordan and Kristen come home. Yeah! I mut finish laundry before they get home.
Time to clean.
Peace out!


Desiree said...

Other than my parents car from when I was growing up, I haven't really done that. They had a HUGE navy blue station wagon that was called the whale, my friend started calling it that and it just stuck. It is kind of humorous though. We just have the van and the truck, blah. Have a good Thanksgiving!

--Nathan-- said...

best name for a vehicle... Carl.

kristen said...

I had no idea that it was called the Black's perfect!

Good to see you...I'm excited to be here.

Miranda said...

Yup we name our cars too. As a kid we had Jimmy and Gladys. LOL!
Isabelle named our car Nola. SHe ALWAYS calls the car by her name. It's very cute and funny. We asked her if we could trade Nola in and get a minivan and she said "No I want Nola." I'm pretty sure that if we ever get a new car she'll be devastated.

Anonymous said...

I think I may have just named my car sparky. (Sparky the Spectra). Kristen and I came up with it right now. We think we like it.

Anonymous said...

upon reflection, I think my car is already named JOJAC, because of the whole license plate thing... my old one was JACJO, and now I have JOJAC. So sparky is out... JoJac is in.

(I have no idea how to spell license, so sorry about that).

kris said...

We had an old, huge, gross brown coloured car called Old Betsie. I don't know where that name came from but it stuck.