Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Will it ever end?

I wish I could report that the puking and other stuff is done. But it is not. Nope it's not the kids. They have passed it on to me. Oh how lucky can I be. At least I know to go to the bathroom so hopefully I won't have to wash more sheets. What a way to spend my special day. Bent over a toilet. Nathan sort of bought Swiss chalet tonight but I couldn't even really enjoy it because I feel so crappy. He said he would buy dinner for my b-day. He was told it should come in 40 minutes or it is free. Well we got it free but still gave the girl a tip because it wasn't her fault. I had to pay for the tip. Nathan can buy dinner next week I guess. ;) This won't be a long post as I need to go lay down. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.
Peace out!


Desiree said...

Poor you! Is it the flu? It seems like your kids had it for quite a while. Hope you get better soon.

GP Jenn said...

Wow everyone is getting sick. I guess its that time of year. I really hope you feel better soon. How do you manage being sick with kids??? I really hope i don't get it. I such a baby when I puke.

Karri said...

Happy Birthday! What a way to spend the day. Hope you feel better soon! I think you deserve extra shopping!

Evey said...

No more puke I hope. Hope she is feeling much better.

Thinking about your mom, please keep us posted.