Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lobb Birthday season

Well it is official. Lobb birthday season is coming to an end. Well at least the birthdays that I have to plan are done. I shouldn't have to plan my own. Although I'm sure I'll have to make dinner because my birthday is on a Tuesday. And every Tuesday I have Tuesday night dinner. For the party on Saturday I decided to do Monkey cupcakes. I took my brother Devin's advice and made them to look similar to the monkey cake. Don't worry I have pictures from the weekend. I think fun was had by all. We rented the kinder room at Southland Leisure center. It was great no clean up on my part. Didn't have to clean my house and then the leisure center staff cleans the room for the next booking. It was great. So that has been our weekend.
On another note. ***Viewer discretion is advised**** You know you have a problem when.... You fart and it is kind of smelly. And by kind of I mean very smelly. So this happened to me just as we were leaving for church. Taylor was standing looking at me like what just happened. Then she realized something didn't smell right. "What's that I smell mommy? I smell something." All while looking at me with disgust. She then ran to Chris quite upset because she was scared. Who knew I could have that affect. I would now like to apologize to anyone reading this that might be offended by the talk of bodily functions. I just thought it was funny. Come to think of it we had Indian food over at Joy and Darrin's last night. Hmmmm.
So that has been our weekend. I hope you all had a good one and will have a great week coming up. And come on baby Gallimore. I want to see you on Friday.
Peace out!


Devo said...

Kirsten talk about bodily functions? I don't believe it, she's far too lady like for that. At least Nathan and I weren't there to make Taylor point and laugh at you.

Kirst said...

The funny thing is that Nathan is over tonight and was trying to get Taylor to laugh and point at me right before I got your comment.

Joy & Darrin said...

Good party! Thanks for the invite. I hope he'll get to enjoy his gifts too!
I was hoping for a little more of a messy cake face.

Kris said...

What? Girls don't fart and if they ever did it would smell like roses. (And I don't mean that in the Outkast kind of way.)

--Nathan-- said...

well then Kirsten is not a girl, because she definitly does not smell like roses.

kristen said...

Those cupcakes look good! Nice work.
I hope people put some time into planning the final event of Lobb birthday deserve a party after all that work

Anonymous said...

Kirsten you made me laugh out loud! You're hillarious!

And nice work on the cupcakes. They look great! You're such an artistic mommy!